The Tui collection is a curated boutique offering unique, handmade clothing and accessories. Design, craftsmanship, quality of materials and technique are at the heart of the brand, with each timeless and luxurious piece created to be versatile enough to be styled differently and worn repeatedly.

Tui Pascale Arielle Sang is Bahamian born British designer who founded her eponymous label in 2007.  Tui grew up in Africa where all of her favourite childhood activities involved knitting, sewing, crochet, basketry, painting and making the clothes she wanted but couldn't get living there. Having graduated with aBA (Hons) in Fashion and Marketing from the University of Nottingham Trent, England, she began her career in the industry as a model, giving her first hand experience of the booming Asian fashion market.

A love of fashion, a strong sense of style, an abundance of creative energy and a personal shoe size of 40 (which you could not get in Asia at the time) saw the birth of her first line: 11E Shoes by Tui. Having settled in Bali, Tui opened her first workshop and has the privilege of working with some of the island’s most skilled local craftsmen and is passionate about sourcing her materials from Indonesia’s best tanneries, enabling her to achieve her goal of creating beautiful, comfortable handmade shoes with longevity at accessible prices. Today the range now includes heels, mules, boots, signature sandals, seasonal limited edition pieces and has extended to encompass bags and leather accessories.

In 2018 Tui introduced jewelry and undergarments to the collection. Inspired by a personal love of Byzantine, Ancient Greek and Roman Empire artifacts, Obtainium by Tui is a covetable line of hand-tooled jewelry. The embellished jewels and gilded talismans have been crafted to reflect the spirit of pieces normally only seen in a museum. Ageless and striking, Obtaninium’s intricate yet effortless designs are made to be worn both day and night.

Road to Silk by Tui was created to solve her never-ending desire to find the perfect silk underlay for her extensive collection of sheer garments. The 100% silk pieces have a sensual elegance and can be styled in multiple ways to accentuate and elevate any look. Each of the slips, teddies and camisoles are hand-stitched using the finest fabrics in a flattering palette of natural tones.

All of Tui’s collections embody her philosophy of creating long-lasting and easy-to-wear original pieces made using traditional methods and high quality materials. Her signature aesthetic combines a spirited femininity and carefree insouciance, ensuring each purchase has an enduring style and will be worn again and again.

“I know I'm not alone in the struggle to find beautiful keeper pieces that don't require you to live in guilt. If I could design and produce everything that a women like me needs then I would… and I might”